Frequently asked questions

If you don't use sugar, how do you sweeten your products?

We primarily use erythritol as a bulk sweetener. Occasionally we add small amounts of premium stevia, monk fruit, allulose, inulin or kabocha (Brand Name Bochasweet). It really depends on the recipe and the type of texture we're trying to achieve. These natural sweeteners are safe for human consumption, are not known to cause digestive upset when consumed in normal quantities, leave no lingering aftertaste, and, unlike xylitol, are not deadly to pets. (But please do not feed your pets any human food. It's just not right.)

Carb counts

The majority of our baked goods have less than 6g net carbs per serving. In fact, most of our products hover around 3g net carbs per serving. Your challenge will be to observe portion control because they taste so good! We achieve these low net carb counts by using nut flours, high fiber sweeteners such as erythritol or inulin, and natural fats like real butter and heavy cream.

Do you have a storefront?

Covid has changed us all, and the way we shop. While we wait for the perfect storefront to come available, you can find us based out of our home and happy to arrange pick up or delivery with you. You may even find us at some markets or pop-up events so stay tuned on our social media accounts for events and announcements!

Are you AHS approved?

Each of the items we make and sell are AHS compliant. As we grow and are able to expand, we will offer a bigger variety of products while continuing to adhere strictly to AHS guidelilnes. The items we make in our home-based kitchen are considered "low-risk" and are prepared in compliance with AHS and Foothills County Business License, strictly following the rules and stipulations outlined in the granting of a Home-Based Type 1 license. Business license #21L/212

I'd like to see ingredients in your products. Is that possible?

Specific ingredients change over time, for example, when a brand changes a flavour from pure vanilla extract to artificial, or if a sweetener based in erythritol suddenly has stevia leaf added. That makes it difficult and time consuming to keep an accurate list of ingredients tagged to every product. Having said that, we've heard customer requests so we'll start adding an ingredients field to the products where possible. Until that's done, please contact us directly with your enquiries.